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Watershed Human History- Town Creek


Situated between Polish Mountain and the Green Ridge in the east and Warrior Mountain in the west, the Town Creek Valley is part of the famous “Warrior's Path of the Five Nations.” Members of the Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga and Mohawk tribes traveled this route between the south and the central New York area. One of the highest regional concentrations of Native American artifacts can be found in the valley, dating back thousands of years. George Washington frequently stopped at Old Town during the French and Indian wars, when the area was part of the nation's western frontier. The house of the son of his friend, Thomas Cresap, still stands as the oldest building in Allegany County. The Chaneysville area in Bedford County was a component of the Underground Railway during the Civil War era. Newly spanning the creek is the Hewill Coverd Bridge, dating to the 1800's.

Despite the long history of settlement, the extremely rugged, convoluted terrain is not endowed with extensive flat land suitable for farming nor is there significant mineral wealth. This lack of major exploitable resources has, in the end, helped to preserve the area thus far from the impact of suburban sprawl and commercial development which has affected other regions to the west and east.

Watershed Map

Town Creek Watershed Map
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